Welcome to
Sympathy For The Devils

Your Ticket to hell and the Fabulous & unique Devils Club.

Join the Devil‘s Club and be part of a great movement and an awesome & strong Community with amazing Things to come.Your Devil NFT will grant you access to Members Only Benefits and Features!

Mint your Devils

06666 Devils minted

0.0666 ETH + Gas

Max 16 per tx
Sympathy For The Devils NFTs are generative and provably rare & unique artworks limited to a total amount of 6666 generated from 160+ different attributes/traits. 2 x 66 of them will be reserved for giveaways & airdrops. Minting price was 0.0666 ETH + Gas, and now that minting is over, you can buy on Opensea.Holders of our Devil NFTs will get rewarded with passive income!! We decided to set our royalties to 4.16% (+2.5% opensea fee), so we have a total sales fee of 6.66%.
You might ask!
What happens with the royalties?
Well, that’s simple..
  • Of course, 2.5% goes to Opensea.
  • 3% will be distributed to all devil holders. The more devils you own, the bigger will be your share. We will call it "Hells Piggy Bank" and holders are able to claim their rewards twice a month
  • 0.66% of the secondary sales goes to the community pool, where we will run votes on where we should spend the money: community collection NFTs (Apes, Punks, CoolCats, etc.), charity donations, ETH airdrops or giveaways & many more
  • 0.5% goes to the team, to keep up motivation, cashflow & ideas to push this project forward, and make the community better and stronger everyday

Also: When we sold out, we funded the community wallet with 66.6 ETH to kick the Community Collection off

Membership Benefits
  • Benefit from the Hell‘s Piggy Bank and claim your share of the secondary sales and community collection sales
  • Get Access to our hidden discord channels and use your voting power to decide with the community what we should do next
  • Be part of cool community airdrops/ giveaway
  • All Members will be able to mint a companion for their devils in the near future (like BAKC)
  • Commercial Ownership for your devils


20% sold: We give away 6 rare Devils (top 10% rarity) to random holders

40% sold: We fund our community wallet with 6.66 ETH

60% sold: 10 super-rare Devils (top 6% rarity) will be airdropped to random holders with 6 or more Devils

80% sold: Sending out 66 physical devil sculptures to random holders

100% sold: We fund the community wallet with a total of 66.6 ETH.

We launch a merch store exclusively for Devil Holders with Limited Edition Merch.

We launch our Hell's Kitchen. Click here to check it out!

We announce the Free-To-Mint Devil Companions (Baby-Devils? Hell-Hounds? Who knows?).

We will start a HUGE Community NFT Collection!

We will buy Punks, Apes, CoolCats & whatever you want! Holders can decide on what to purchase & what offers to accept! Profit will be shared among all holders and is claimable through our "Hell's Piggy Bank".

We donate 10 ETH to charity organisations, the community can decide which one it will be.